The journey of my 8am class: coffee and more coffee


This class was one of the most challenging classes I have ever taken in my life.  It was basically because of the time rather than the content.  I really did enjoy the materials but waking up before 8am was not fun.  The most interesting part of the class was the project I did on RAs at Fairfield.  It made me feel like a real journalist covering a topic.

As far as this project, I did face some challenges because I previously did not have a Twitter account.  I never found twitter to be interesting because of their history of bullies.  So many incidents have happened with users on Twitter and the CEO has not really done much to address the topic.  With this in mind, I wasn’t really as excited about this assignment as I was the previous one but it came out okay at the end.  I think the key is to avoid certain topics and know when to voice your opinion or just walk away in order to have fun with it.

I followed different kinds of people as a consumer.  From comedians, politicians, musicians and actors.  I did so to balance the content.  I did not want to be overwhelmed with politics so I tried to follow people who post less heated topics.  At the same time though I did not want to just laugh all the time and pretend as if there’s nothing else going on with the rest of the world.  I followed president elect Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders who talked about recent political issues.  Both posted almost everyday and retweeted things that they found interesting. The rest posted more about their personal issues like promoting their work and so forth.  There was a lot of retweeting with this group of people.  There was also a great deal of hashtags with each post so journalists have a way to track different topics.  They are the ones who made Twitter less intense because they also posted fun memes, gifs and so forth.

As a curator, I really enjoyed researching different topics.  I did my story on the issues going on with Standing Rock and because it is still going on right now, it wasn’t hard to find people who talked about it.  I think the hardest part was figuring out what I wanted people to take from the topic because there are so many angles this story could go.  I tried balancing between the multimedia and the written content.  I also tried to finish with one idea, put a visual on it and then move on to the next.  I sort of stayed away from writing too much or have too much visual content.  It was just all about balance and I hope I reached that goal.

The creator part was the hardest for me because I was still very new to Twitter.  I felt limited in a sense but at the same time I like that it was set up that way because people tend to just ramble on social media.  I actually enjoyed the event that I attended since two of my close friends and favorite teacher were involved in it.  I was a bit nervous to post people without their permission but It was an educational presentation so I figured it would be good publicity for them.  The gifs were my favorite but like anything else, I tried not to overuse it @Bennymk21.

As far as how it ties with the article “My 13 Golden Rules of Twitter” I felt as if it failed to reflect a couple of rules there.  I did agree on a couple of the rules especially the last one about walking away.  I think it applies with all social media as far as avoiding arguments and just take the high road.  I did disagree especially with the rule about not being such a think as over tweeting.  I think you can over use the site and just bore people with a lot of unnecessary content.  I personally felt that I did over tweet and was a bit of a bother to people.  I don’t have as many followers there so that made it a bit easy but other than that I felt like it was a bit much.

Overall the experience was interesting and I did enjoy the class.  I am looking forward to more journalism courses and just becoming a journalist all together.










Author: benny700

I am a sophomore at Fairfield University majoring in Digital Journalism and a minor in Music. Recent obsessions include hiking, building an awesome collection of mugs and sleeping in

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